Monday, February 15, 2010

Which Weight Loss Diet Plan is best for Me – The A-Z of the Popular Diet Plans

On Diets and the Media
In our desperate effort to lose the weight, we often look for alternative weight loss diets on the Internet, or consult with our local dietician. The media also does its fair share of giving the limelight on popular diets used by celebrities and personality icons. We always hold celebrities true to their word when promoting a product or lifestyle or even a weight loss diet plan, like how Paris Hilton is going about with a puppy in her hand and you now see teens carrying puppies as well. “If they can do it/use it, why can’t we?” would be the first thing in our mind to pop up whenever we see a celebrity promote something.

The Harsh Reality
On a more realistic perspective, the dangers of obesity will always lurk around in the corners of our lives. Obesity leads to a number of unwanted and sometimes fatal ailments like heart and organ problems. The more weight we gain, the more we’re putting ourselves at risk. With that in mind, the importance of maintaining our weight in the normal areas grows. Pharmaceutical companies have developed chemical based fat burners and diet supplements while some companies go for the all natural products like an acai berry dietary supplement or a green tea supplement to lose weight and cleanse the body as well. All in all, aside from dietary supplements, a weight loss diet plan can also help you shed off the excess pounds.

The A – Z of Weight Loss Diets
A good deal of research on diet plans is always the first and best thing you can do. To make your research load a bit lighter, here are the popular diet plans that you may want to try:

90/10 Diet – Joy Bauer twists traditional diets by allowing you to consume “fun foods” that you can enjoy as long as you follow healthy eating habits.
5-Factor Diet – a book authored by fitness trainer Harley Pasternak which requires the consumption of 5 meals, made of 5 ingredients, daily.
Atkins’ Diet – is a popular low carb diet made by the late Dr. Robert Atkins, MD.
Best Life Diet – another book written by fitness trainer Bob Greene (of Oprah Fame) which focuses on making healthier choices such as choosing whole grains over refined carbohydrates.
Jenny Craig – a weight loss program involving the consumption of pre-packaged, portion controlled meals and regularly speaking to a counselor.
Nutri/System – gives you pre-prepared food ordered through the mail. This is based on the Glycemic Index, rating food on how they affect the blood sugar.
The Schwarzbein Principle – this program focuses on the connection between carbohydrates and insulin levels, as well as encouraging the consumption of high protein foods such as meat while limiting carbohydrates.
Somersizing – one of the health and diet books by Actress Suzanne Somers which encourages combining foods and eliminating certain foods. It’s also referred to by the author as Somersizing.
The South Beach Diet – created by Dr. Arthur Agatston, MD. The diet focuses on limiting carbohydrates while increasing good fats intake at the same time.
Sugarbusters – according to the authors of The New Sugarbusters!: Cut Sugar to Trim Fat, sugar and not fat makes us overweight.
Volumetrics – a book written by Dr. Barbara Rolls, which says that eating foods that fill up less calories will help you lose the weight without feeling you’re actually on a diet.
Weight Watchers – one of the most successful and well-known weight loss programs which offers a flexible plan that anyone can follow.
The Zone – is created by Dr. Barry Sears which requires you to balance the correct ratio of carbs, fat and protein intake in order to successfully follow the plan.

A weight loss diet plan is never 100% effective if they are not coupled with proper exercise and a healthy lifestyle. Our health is probably the best investment we can make in our lifetime. Spending thousands of dollars in medical bills can be avoided by just following your diet plan and proper exercise. Save on your hard-earned money and start living the healthy life. Believe me; it’s better than investing in the stock market.

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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Girl’s guide to dating geeks – How to date men 101

By definition taken from Wikipedia, the word geek is a slang term, noting individuals as “a peculiar or otherwise odd person, especially one who is perceived to be overly obsessed with one or more things including those of intellectuality, electronics, etc.” When it comes to dating or even socializing, geeks aren’t that inclined to mingling with other people.

So supposing one does manage to ask a girl out on a date, the burden of socializing with the opposite sex is quite heavy. But did you know girls who get asked out by geeks also have a hard time on their own; especially with the thought of wanting to know on how to date a guy who is technologically inclined and far more intellectual than they are. Believe it or not, women often get intimidated when it comes to intellectual men. Women’s mentality is that geeks tend to take good care of their woman friends, giving the kind of comfort that only they can provide. So do you want to know how to date men who are obsessed with Star Wars, Star Trek, knows the latest technology coming in and knows just about everything under the sun? Read on to find out some important tidbits and advices on how to date men who are on an intellectual level with Albert Einstein:

How to date men tip #1 – Compliment them with their attire. I know this sounds Manly-ish, but geeks put a lot of effort to get dressed for a date. Appreciation is a give and take relationship.

How to date men tip #2 – Get to know them behind the intellectual fa├žade. Just because geeks have peculiar taste doesn’t mean you won’t have interests in common. You might be surprised if the geek you are dating knows about the latest shows which also interest you.

How to date men tip#3 – Don’t be too hard on the guy. Geeks also have feelings too and just like any other guy, will still feel hurt when they are rejected or left at the bar. When you and your geek are at a bar and you see a friend, don’t leave him to rot but instead introduce him to your friend or acquaintance. This act will help him get over his own obstacle of mingling with other people.

How to date men tip#4 – Listen to him. Geeks love to rant, especially just about anything. I know you can agree with him on some of his rants and this will often lead to a healthy and somehow intellectual conversation. Doing this will ease up his tension because he is with a girl and doing this will also help you get to know the guy.
There are so many possibilities to what you can do when it comes to dating geeks. Of course, geeks also have different variations as stated earlier. In the end, it all comes down to knowing a little something about the guy and in return helping him overcome certain social obstacles. Who knows, you might even enjoy his company and continue to seek out more of it.
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Saturday, February 13, 2010

How to ask a girl out – Easy tips on how to get a date

Asking a girl out is always one of most daunting and scary tasks guys have to put with. Before a relationship blooms, it always boils down on how a guy and girl go about on their dates. Yet, before a date comes into play, the guy has to ask a girl out on a date first.

Even the seasoned daters have trouble asking girls out on a date simply because girls are always on the defensive for looking out for guys who just want to fool around. This makes it harder for guys who are just starting to date as well. Whether in school, at work, church or simply in the neighborhood, there will always be girls who will get our attention and who we want to go out with. But how does one break the ice and get the courage to talk to the girl? Here are some tips on how to get a date.

How to get a date tidbit #1 – Know the status first. Make sure she’s not married or currently in a relationship. You don’t want to be the reason why she’s having relationship problems.

How to get a date tidbit # 2 – Indulge her in conversation. Don’t ask her out impromptu just because you’ve taken a liking to her. Break the ice by making small talk and let the conversation flow naturally.

How to get a date tidbit # 3 – Don’t be hasty. As stated in number 2, don’t ask her out simply because you’re attracted to her. This will increase the chance of rejection on your part and she will just think you’re weird and creepy.

These are just some of the most important things to do on how to get a date. When you are successful, the next thing you will be thinking of is how to date women.
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