Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Break up lines 101 – What people say during a break up

There are just tons of break up lines used by so many people and mind you, they are not just for show but some are actually sincere. In terms of some of the lines being cheesy because of being overused, most people think that saying these lines during a break up is just an excuse to say the truth about why they really want to break up.

Breaking up can make you say the most stupid or most sincere things to your partner, regardless of the reason why you want to break up. Some of the more cliché break up lines is often misunderstood as lame excuses for getting out of a relationship, when in all that is fair, the line may actually be the truth. Here are some break up lines that are cliché but are often the truth when people break up:

1) I just don’t love you anymore – one of the harshest lines ever. To say this during a break up is painful, for both sides.
2) It’s not you, it’s me – well, sometimes, we don’t want to complicate our partner’s lives and we do the martyr thing by getting out of a relationship because we want our partners to be happy.
3) Things didn’t go as I planned – we all have expectations in a relationship. Unfulfilled expectations can often lead to a break up if the matter is not discussed properly.
4) We’re just two different people – when a relationship starts, you don’t see your partner’s incompatibilities with you for a time. When you see your partner’s true side, it never hurts to point it out to them that you are uncomfortable with that side.

Honesty is always the best policy. Communicating with your partner is always the best alternative to breaking up. Though those are just some of the cliché break up lines that are overused, they are actually in itself the truth on why people want out. Sure, some are selfish and some are selfless, but regardless of how you communicate with your partner, a break up may be avoided.


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