Friday, February 12, 2010

First date ideas – Ideas to help you land a second date

First dates are always crucial in every relationship. Before you or the girl will even decide to have another date with you, the first date will be the deciding factor.

Why are first dates important? Generally speaking, first dates are like the baby steps to a relationship. First impressions are made during the first dates, and will most likely determine if the girl will want to have another date with you. Asking her out is always that big obstacle in every guy’s life and no matter how “seasoned” the guy is at dating, it will always be like asking a girl out for the first time. After asking a girl out, the next big obstacle would be what to do on a first date. This is a problem since we really don’t want to embarrass ourselves in front of our lady friend. Here are some first date ideas that will help you land a second date or maybe more:

1.) Where to go on a first date – first dates are usually just conversations and getting to know each other so I would pretty much suggest to take your girl out to a restaurant for a comfortable atmosphere, and then maybe a coffee shop or bar to continue where you left off after leaving the restaurant. Of course, you can always opt to go out of the box and do something unique. Girls love it when guys are spontaneous.
2.) What to wear on a first date – depending on the location and setting of your date, always make sure to dress for the occasion. Seriously, you can’t go about wearing a shirt and jogging pants on a fancy restaurant, or a wear a coat and tie on an outdoor picnic. Ask your partner what she will wear on that night so you can match or compliment her attire, that way you two will look so adorable together.
3.) What to say on a first date – as stated, we don’t want to embarrass ourselves. All you have to do is just be honest whenever a girl asks you something. You can also compliment her. Girls love compliments. Avoid long and awkward silences. Be spontaneous with your conversations and keep it flowing. Make one topic lead to another. Ask her about her likes, dislikes, and so on. This will come in useful at a later time.

These are just the general first date ideas that work for almost always. Everything else will pretty much depend on you. Never be afraid to be spontaneous and go out of the box. You can go out on a limb to make the girl feel extra special and this will help you land a second date. One last thing, just be yourself. Yes, this is a very tiring and boring advice that we hear when going out on dates but in a manner of speaking, girls don’t like it when you pretend to be someone you’re not.


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