Monday, February 8, 2010

Weight Loss for Men – What to do for a leaner you!

When it comes to losing weight, men are as conscious about their figures as women. With more men going for the ripped and lean figure than the Arnold Schwarzenegger build, more and more pharmaceutical companies are developing products intended for fat loss and/or weight loss for men. I also go to the gym and follow a customized gym program intended for body fat loss and strength training and I am here to share with you what I think may help you in your quest to lose the weight.

Gym and Exercise Programs
When it comes to working out at the gym, there are a lot of options that one may take and each has its own effect on the body and figure. Some programs are intended for great strength, like Olympic powerlifters, and some programs are intended for simply getting ripped and toned, like that of Hugh Jackman in his latest X-Men flick. Whatever the goal that you have in mind for both your weight loss and figure, it’s always important to stick to it. Most men run out of patience and simply give up, returning to the state of flab they were once in. It’s a harsh reality, but muscles don’t grow overnight (like Arnold’s size, in a manner of speaking) and it would usually take a couple of weeks or so before you can see some results and it all depends on the frequency of how you work out. Aside from programs focused on losing weight and getting ripped, there are also programs focused on gaining mass, intended for those wanting to join bodybuilding competitions. The best thing about these gym programs is that they are infinitely variable; you can adjust it according to your needs and to keep yourself from getting bored (Boredom during training is also a reason why people stop going to the gym). Talk with your fitness instructor / personal trainer to help you with a program that would best suit your needs.

Products Intended for Fat Loss and Weight Loss for Men
Aside from the usual body building supplements that most men (and in rare cases, women), use, there are also weight loss products intended for use before and after working out. Some products would contain natural ingredients like green tea, acai berry or any other natural herbal supplements designed for weight loss. Whey protein products or protein shakes contain fat burning ingredients that would not only help you get the figure that you want or weight that you desire. Fat loss or fat burning products are also used to “sculpt” the body of its remaining fats, making you look leaner and ripped.

Eat Like A Leopard
EAT LIKE A LEOPARD, LOOK LIKE A LEOPARD. I heard this line from my gym instructor. The necessary diet to lose weight or to help in fat loss is to eat food with high amounts of protein. Leopards, the jungle feline, have a diet strictly based on consuming meat and with the exercise that they do (running around to catch their prey, thereby working not only the legs but the entire body), it’s no wonder that they look lean. This is just a simple comparison to what a high protein diet would help you accomplish. If you feel that your decision may be inadequate when it comes to your intake, consult with your local dietician or nutrition expert to help you formulate a diet plan according to your needs.

These are just the basic TO DO lists when it comes to fat loss and/or weight loss for men, and whatever steps you may choose to take, it is always important that you never give up. Rome wasn’t built in a day, as they say. With the right diet and program, you are going to be on your way for a leaner, meaner hunk.


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